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Greetings from Montana, I am Derek Kampfe

My family has been raising beef since 1901, a fact that I'm very proud of and I'm raising and finishing my own beef as we've always done it.

My Story

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"To the old-timers who used the saddle for a workbench in making history, to the modern cowhands who are still using a saddle for their throne in upholding a tradition, and to future cowmen who will never forsake this saddle for a truck to help them over the rough places."

Grass Finished Grain Finished

Shipped from Montana to you The Best Steak in the World

The cold climate, clean air, pure water and natural nutrition in the native grasses means Montana cattle produce the healthiest and most delicious beef in the world. I am grateful for the restaurants and retailers who carry Great Northern Cattle Company beef including some of the country's top chefs.

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